Answers 2000 Privacy Policies Relating to ClickBank

The following information applies to all downloadable Answers 2000 products, where ClickBank acts the retailer, including but not limited to: IMPORTANT: This policy does NOT apply to products and services, offered by third parties, even if they may be hyperlinked from our website(s). For example, this policy does NOT apply products offered by other ClickBank vendors (even if we hyperlink to such products), NOR does it apply to products available from (even if we hyperlink to such products, and/or we authored a book or Kindle eBook offered by Amazon). In any such case, you must contact the vendor/seller of the product or service directly.

Data Collection and Privacy for ClickBank Purchases

If you purchase one of our products where ClickBank acts as the retailer: The above list relates specifically to ClickBank purchases, for general information our company's data collection policies see

Your Responsibilities

Some of our websites provide password protected areas, or areas for customers to replace "Lost Keys" or access downloads. It is your responsibility to use these responsibly including:
Contacting Us

Answers 2000 is the creator of these products. The retailer, responsible for order support, is ClickBank. Answers 2000 are happy to answer any reasonable questions that you may have about this policy or our products, whether or not you have made a purchase yet.