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Are you sure something really is our product

We occasionally receive queries about E-Books that have been created by other people or entities, using our authoring tools. However, just because somebody used a tool we created, it does not mean that we would have any knowledge of how they might have used it.

Another similar situation that can arise: is we have given third parties the right to make use of some of our content, such as articles. For example, by essentially saying: "here is an article that you can reprint for free provided you include a link back to our web site". In most cases, we would not even know which specific third parties may have reprinted our material, or in which web sites or other publications.

So, before assuming that something is our product or publication, please look carefully at it. Hopefully the actual author or business responsible will have placed their name or contact details, more prominently within their publication.

A More Detailed Explanation...

Our company provides authoring tools such as Activ E-Book Compiler. People and businesses can use our authoring tools, as they see fit, to create their own publications, for example, E-Books. The users of our software are responsible for how they use it, and whatever E-Books or other publications that they might produce - not us.

Despite this, our company name, web links, etc., might appear in such publications (example: it might say something like "made using our software"). That said, it doesn't mean that we necessarily agree with, or are even aware of, any particular publication.

Here are some analogies that may help make this clearer:
  • You could buy a printing press, and print your own publications using it. The company that created the printing press in the first place, would not know about whatever you might print using the tool (equipment) that they supplied.

  • You could buy word-processor software, and create your own documents using it. Depending on the word-processor, your documents may even have the name of the word-processor software manufacturer discretely embedded within. Even so, the company that created the word-processor software would not know about whatever specific documents that you created using the tool (software) that they originally supplied.

  • You could buy web-authoring software, and create your own web site using it. Your web pages may even have the name of the web-authoring software manufacturer discretely embedded within. Even so, the company that created the web-authoring software would not know about your specific web site.

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